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Junaid Jamshed Sued Pepsi for Using Dil Dil Pakistan

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 30/04/2014)

Dil Dil Pakistan one of the most loved national song of Pakistan sung by Junaid Jamshed’s Vital Signs, its remix version was used latest of Pepsi in which Ayesha Omer has been shown singing Dil Dil Pakistan. The fans of vital sings and Dil Dil Pakistan didn’t like its remake.  Junaid Jamshed sued Beverage Company for using his song without permission and violating its copy rights. It really was a mess up remix of such a wonderful national song. The songs was so much popular in Pakistan that government was thinking to make it National anthem of Pakistan back in in 1987 still now it is considered as second national anthem of Pakistan. Not only this song was also rated as 3rd most famous song of the world. Dil Dil Pakistan is an evergreen song and whenever a Pakistani listens it he/she loves it. Junaid Jamshed asked for penalty of Rs. 10 Million or removal of song from the advertisement. In the add Ayesha Omer , Shahid Afridi, Ahmad Shahzad , Umar Gul,  Waseem Akram and Waqar Younis was seen together. An indeed lot of investment was done on the advertisement but the thing that went wrong from Pepsi Co. was not getting permission from the previous makers of the song.  A general opinion regarding the remake of Dil Dil Pakistan wasn’t good. Very few were satisfied with its remake and majority didn’t like it. Upon the orders of Court Pepsi removed Dil Dil from the advertisement  and now only Pakistaaan is heard in voice of Ayesha Omer is heard during the add. Salman Ahmed also showed satisfaction upon removal of Dil Dil Pakistan from the advertisement. It seems that all the members of Vital Signs were not happy with the remake of Dil Dil Pakistan which was used in this add not only used but used without permission.

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