Labor Day is Observed Today in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 01/05/2014)

Globally 1st May is celebrated as the Labor Day. It is celebrated in Pakistan every year. This year is no different than the past few years. The Labor Day is celebrated throughout Pakistan but is it really for hardworking laborers?

Laborers in Pakistan have to work every day in order to give their families two times of food. Most of them don’t know that today is Labor Day. Even if some of them know, does it matter?

No it doesn’t matter because if they do not work today and sit in their homes celebrating the Labor Day, who will feed them and their children?

So what is the point of celebrating Labour’s Day in Pakistan then? It purely is just a day like any other for the Labour of Pakistan who works hard on Labour’s Day in order to meet ends. There is no relief for hard working laborers. Government has no policy to help labourers, not even on a single day called Labour Day.

Dunya News – Labour Day being observed today by dunyanews

The only thing government and our nation does is to hold some seminars, conferences and go out in rallies and nothing else.  The only thing is that the middle class population of Pakistan, who provide for their families by doing jobs get rest for one day where they are not charged for being absent from the office.

The government must make some policies for the lower class of Pakistan who are engaged in labour work so that they could really get some relief as currently celebrating Labour’s Day without giving relief to the labourers is just a joke and nothing else.

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