Mathira Caught Drunk on Camera

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 17/11/2014)
Mathira Caught Drunk in Dubai

Mathira Caught Drunk in Dubai

Well the problem with Mathira is that she can’t resist to be a part of news. We don’t know either she do it intentionally or unintentionally the thing is that she becomes part of news this way or that way. The lady is also known as Drama Queen of Pakistan.

She is really in good competition with Meera and Veena. These three ladies share some common things and those are all of them want to be part of news or want to remain in news secondly all of them have alphabet A at end of their names i.e. Mathira, Veena and Meera.

Well a video is leaked on social media in which the publisher wrote drunk Mathira in Dubai. If one watch that video closely, she is not that much drunk and it seems that she has allowed to make her video and in video she haven’t done something wrong, I mean she haven’t done the things she is famous for. What do you think about that video do comment.

Mathira Caught Drunk on Camera1

Mathira Caught Drunk on Camera

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