Meera Give Dharna of Love at D Chowk

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 20/11/2014)
Meera Give Dharna of Love at D Chowk

Meera Give Dharna of Love at D Chowk

Well meera has found another love of her life and that is heart beat of new generation none other than Imran Khan. Meera has proposed Imran Khan for marriage twice but Imran refused twice in very good manner. Now Meera has decided to give Dharna at D chowk Islamabad for that she has made a container for her.

In that Container she is once again going to ask Imran Khan for marriage and she has also made some love slogans in love of Imran Khan. It can be a propaganda of other parties to ruin the step of Imran Khan on 30th November. Meera has found another way to remain in news and this time she is using the fame of Imran Khan and obsession of Dharna’s in whole nation.

Well very smart of her and let’s see whether she goes successful in her dharna’s in waking up feelings in heart of Imran Khan as Imran gave awareness to this nation.

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