Meera and Captain Naveed Might Get Divorced

Meera’s husband Captain Naveed left her in Pakistan and flew to USA about 15 days ago without even informing her. Meera decided to pay her husband a visit on Valentine’s Day. Meera’s father in law Raja Pervez told the media that she called from airport as she was giving surprise to Captain Naveed on Valentine’s Day. She asked Captain Naveed to pick her up. Captain Naveed refused to pick her up as his family asked him not to do so.

Meera then took a taxi to his house but she was not allowed to enter the house by her in-laws. Raja Pervez said that the sex video tape has been circulating all over the internet and has been very humiliating to his family. He further said that Meera acts as wife of Captain Naveed while in US and when they go to Pakistan, she treats Captain Naveed like a friend or more precisely just a stranger.

Although Raja Pervez claims that the video was leaked by Meera and it brought disgrace to his family and now according to wishes of the family, Captain Naveed will divorce her because the actress has lost respect due to controversial video.

However different people speculate that the controversial video tape was deliberately leaked by Naveed’s family so that they can base upon something and get rid of Meera.

Meera’s Valentines seems to be ruined but more importantly if the marriage is broken, she will surely be in hot waters as a court has asked Meera and Captain Naveed to appear in the controversial video tape scandal.


Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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