Pakistan Will Break World Record of Largest Human National Flag

(Last Updated On: 15/02/2014)

Pakistan Youth are in mood to break records this year. It is just the start of the New Year and already Pakistani Youth are ready to break some records.

All preparations are complete to make a new world record in Punjab Youth Festival. Bangladesh earlier on 16th of December 2013 broke the world record of 24,200 people making largest human national flag by gathering 27,117 volunteers. Pakistan made this record in National Hockey Stadium in Lahore in October 2012.

This time 29,000 Pakistani Youth are likely to break Bangladeshi record today in the National Hockey Stadium Lahore.

Another record that is likely to be broken is gathering of 1.5 Lac Pakistani youngsters gathering at University of Punjab New Campus on 19th of February 2014. They will sing National Anthem at one time and at one place to shatter Indian world record of 121,653 people gathering in Lucknow to sing Indian National Anthem that happened back on 6th of May 2013. This record was previously held by Pakistan when 42,813 Pakistanis gathered in Punjab Youth Festival 2012 to achieve this world record. Pakistan is all set to snatch this record from India on 19th of February 2014.

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