Meera’s Mother Left Meera’s Home

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 24/06/2014)

Meera’s situation has been quite strange for the last few months. Firstly the marriage scandal with Captain Naveed happened, Meera denied it while father of Captain Naveed insisted and showed Nikkah Nama to the media. Meera accepted the marriage.

Suddenly Meera’s nude video in which she and Captain Naveed were doing sex was released. Meera denied it and said it was conspiracy against her.

Then Captain Naveed left Meera in Pakistan and went to United States. Media sources claimed that they have not been in good relationship after sex tape scandal.

There were many cases against Meera after the video scandal and the court even issued arrest warrants of Meera and Captain Naveed.

Meera was supposed to be arrested but somehow escaped the arrest. Now she is again in news for a very condemnable act. According to rumors, she has asked her mother to leave the house. According to details, she was angry with her mother. She thought that her mother Shafqat Zahra is not sincere to her. She behaved roughly with her and took her mother out of her Defence Banglow by holding her arm in front of the servants.

Shafqat Zahra is currently residing in her cousin’s model town house temporarily. She is looking to rent a house for herself now. When Meera was contacted in this regard, she denied this news and said that no such thing has happened and her mother is in London currently. On the other hand when Shafqat Zahra was contacted, she authenticated that the news is true.

It seems that Meera is becoming a psycho who want to be in news at any cost and she would do anything to stay in the news.

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