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Biggest Flash Mob to be Organized by Ali Zafar

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 25/06/2014)

It’s very hard to be celebrity and it gets harder if you want to remain popular. Specially nowadays, because its not only your talent on screen or on stage but you have to be more smart to retain your fame. It’s need of time for actors and actresses and those who do smart activities in order to stay close to their fans. In this era success rate of those actors is bigger who interact more with their fans. That’s what Ali Zafar is upto, besides his busy schedule Ali Zafar is taking out time for his fans as he is giving his fans a big opportunity to talk to him with the help of Flashmob.

Most of the readers will be thinking what is flashmob. Flasmob is a modern term and is name of publicity act that normally celebrities do. Flashmob is usually done over social media or internet where the celebrity goes online and his/her fans gets a chance to talk to their ideal. Ali Zafar is giving his fans a chance to meet him through biggest flashmob of the country.

Well i would say very smart of Ali Zafar to take such step as it would increase his fan following and not only that those fans will become his die hard fans who will get a chance to talk to him. Well its the need of time to go for such acts. The main income of a star or celebrity is his fans and higher the number of fan higher will be his success rate.

I will quote a simple example of Salman Khan, all of us will agree that most of his movies are not quality oriented but are full of masala and unreal things but his every movie proves to be a mega block buster, reason being is that he has great fan following. A huge number of his fans resides in south India and they go out for his every single movie. The flashmob of Ali Zafar is scheduled in last week of Ramzan. So get ready for it if you are fan of Ali Zafar.

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