Na Maloom Afrad Upcoming Movie of Fahad Mustafa

(Last Updated On: 23/07/2014)


Na Maloom Afrad Upcoming Movie of Fahad Mustafa

Na Maloom Afrad Upcoming Movie of Fahad Mustafa

This star is really shining nowadays, everything that he touches turns in to gold. Yes! We talking about Fahad Mustafa this young lad has really proved himself to be one big star. He didn’t take much time to prove his iron Pakistani industry. He didn’t pressure of the fame of his parents in the industry at all. He used his smartness and talent and went all the way up.

He has proved himself a good actor and a very good host. He hosted a morning show on HUM TV that went mega successful and right now he is hosting the biggest prize show of Pakistan by the name of Jeeto Pakistan and one must admit that he really has gathered everybody to watch the show. After conquering modeling, acting and hosting now he is moving toward conquering the other section of Industry and that is Big Silver Screen. Yes Fahad has announced that from now on he will pay more attention to film and will produce dramas. In this regard his first movie is soon going to be released.

Na Maloom Afrad Upcoming Movie

Fahad Mustafa Jawed Sheikh Mohsin Abbas

Item Song in Na Maloom Afraad Mehwish HayatThe name of movie is Na Maloom Afrad, trailer of the movie has already been released and after watching the trailer one says that this movie must be watched or thinks that it would be worth watching. The movie revolves around three very poor characters who finds a very unique way to fulfill their dreams and that way is whenever there is some chaos in Karachi city they become what we read everyday in news paper or hear it in news “Na Maloom Afard”.

The cast of movie consist of Fahad Mustafa, Javed Sheikh and DJ of Mazak Raat program of Dunia TV. Trailer of the movie can be seen on almost every channel as the movie is going to be released soon. So you ready for some crispy fun? The movie is highly recommend for watching as it is starring the handsome Fahad Mustafa.

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