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Mathira Spoke up for Palestine People

Written by Alison Johnson
(Last Updated On: 05/08/2014)

Mathira is known for her bold acts and out spoken nature. She is not very well known fro some noble causes but she has come up with a video on her blog in which she has condemned what Israel is doing in Palestine. She really has come up with a voice that purely represent truth. She really have cleaned whatever she has done in past with this noble act. She was very clear about her view and she sent her message out loud.

The lovely actress and VJ has really done what our politicians couldn’t done. Many of our politicians have spoke even a single word about what Israel is doing with innocent people of Palestine. Mathria has asked our politicians and powerful people if they can’t do anything about the situation in Palestine, they could at least raise voice against it or at least condemn this illegal and unlawful act by Israel. Well done Mathira hats off to you for this act of speaking out loud the truth. It really needs courage to send out such message even our leaders are even afraid of speaking such words with Mathira spoke in her video.

She is known for show off and has always been criticized for her bold nature of cloths but in this video she has covered herself with dupatta and send out her message very clearly. Other celebrities should also stand up and speak up about this wild act by Israel. Our religion also says that if someone is doing wrong things or acts one should stop it with hand if one don’t have courage to do it, he should stop it by words, if one even don’t have that courage then he should consider it wrong in his heart but it would be most weak form of Eman. Our leaders should at least condemn the act. Please see what Mathira has said in this video.


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