Pakistani Body Builder Won Runner Up Mr. Universe Title But No Reward from Government

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 02/08/2014)

Our media and Government only cares about cricket and no other sport is being given importance. The other sports are ignored and neglected in such a manner that they don’t even exist.  A year back our player won snooker championship and became world champion and he wasn’t given the respect and reward which he deserved. It’s an honor for a person to represent his or her country on international level and it becomes dream come true when one takes his country to top level and beat everybody else and bring title for his country.

If no one cares about his struggle and his efforts for his country then it is really heart breaking . This is what happened to our hero body builder Salman Ahmad, Salman went to represent Pakistan for Mr. Universe competition and you will be surprised to know that this young lad won the runner up of title of the competition and was titled Runner up  Mr. Universe. Well done Salman you really have made us proud and won heart of millions plus you have created a positive image of our country.

It really hurts me to say that Salman wasn’t given the respect which he deserved . He was expecting that whole media will be waiting for him to arrive and Government officials will be thinking to give him with some extraordinary reward for what he has done but when he reached Pakistan nobody even bothered what he has done. He himself contacted the government and media but nobody cared about his achievement.

The man with strong muscles got very much disappointed and uploaded a video on his own facebook account in which he has shown his disappointness  from media and Government. You can watch his video on his facebook account and that is guy really needs some appreciation and deserves great respect because he has won respect for Pakistan and haven’t brought shame and disgrace to our actors and politicians. Mr. Salman we salute you for your efforts and congratulate you for what you have done. You really are our hero and May Allah blesses you with more success.


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  • I think reward from government isnt necessary in this case, because MR. Universe is a great tournament with high money awards, so athlete doesnt need any extra money from government.
    But I am glad that the win was iluminated on TV

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