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Pakistanis Looking to Marry Saudi Women

(Last Updated On: 10/02/2014)

In order to stay in Saudi Arabia and survive the Saudi Government’s onslaught to send many non-Saudi people back to their countries, Pakistanis and Muslim people from other countries of the world, currently residing in Saudi Arabia are looking to marry Saudi women.

A huge number of Pakistanis are present in Saudi Arabia for many years in order to earn their living. After passing a number of years in Saudi Arabia, they did not get the right to live as permanent residents.


Nataqat” is the plan presented by Saudi Ministry of Works to the Government. According to this plan, hundreds of thousands of foreign workers will be sent back to their countries. This will make room for local people of Saudi Arabia to get jobs as the country at present is facing a problem of unemployment that is quickly rising.

Due to “Nataqat” those people whose children were born in Saudi Arabia are troubled especially. The children do not want to come back to Pakistan as the country’s law and order situation and unemployment worries them. They want to live in Saudi Arabia for the rest of their lives.

Saudi Government has provided those people with some rights who marry Saudi local women. According to the Saudi Ministry of Works, back in 2011, around 2000 Saudi Women married foreigners and these people are given Government jobs, retirement and pension plans as well.

So now those families who are living for a long time in Saudi Arabia are trying to marry their children to Saudi Women so that their children can continue living in Saudi Arabia.


Majority of Saudi Women have no issues marrying such people who are born and bred in Saudi Arabia and they consider them local. Another dimension that could be exploited in this regard is to target and marry such women who are aged, divorced or widowed.

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