Punjab Government Directed CPSP Not To Pass Students

(Last Updated On: 10/02/2014)

Health Department of Punjab and College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) have different opinions on post graduate training in teaching hospitals in Punjab.

CPSP has asked in written to Babar Hayat Tarar who currently is the Health Secretary, asking him to withdraw two of the letters written to CPSP by Health Department, on 17th of January 2014.

In the first letter, CPSP was alleged that it was passing large number of FCPS Part I students.

The quantum of passing candidates needs to be rationalized

PG training seats are meant for equitable distribution between various qualifications but the major chunk is utilised for FCPS Part II trainees…70% of all training slots are concentrated in Lahore.


In the 2nd letter it was written to CPSP that

No government employee would be spared to conduct supervisory, examining or any other similar duty by the CPSP without the government’s permission. The CPSP must inform the Health Department and/or head of the relevant medical institution at least four weeks in advance.


CPSP responded on 31st of January 2014 by stating that CPSP’s Fellowship has international recognition that is equivalent to Royal Colleges of UK and Canada. CPSP letter also challenged some of the allegations that were put forward in the letter of Health Department of Punjab. CPSP replied that 9,877 trainees were from Punjab. Only 4,600 (46.57%) were from Lahore and not 70% as stated by Health Department and it also includes doctors at private institutions and those who are serving in the armed forces.


In addition to this CPSP also clarified its stance that FCPS I students passed the exam due to their good performance and CPSP had nothing to do with high passing percentages.


CPSP also appreciated that government had good intentions that most of the public medical institutions situated in smaller cities should be given accreditation but CPSP would give accreditation to only those institutions that meet strict criteria of CPSP.

CPSP also clarified that it would not be possible for CPSP to give four-week notice in case of examiner duties because it could negatively affect the transparency of the exams. CPSP-Clarifies-to-Punjab-Health-Department


Health Department of Punjab Letter to CPSP

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