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Registration Method to Participate Shan e Ramzan on ARY Digital

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 29/06/2014)

Trend of Ramzan transmission has increase since last two or three years. All of this was started by GeoTV program Aman Ramazn and after that various channels started airing programs of same pattern, in which host invites different scholars, Hammads and Natts are read and prizes are given by the host to the present audiences and those who are watching it on TV also gets a chance to win prizes. In this regard this time to win prizes viewers have to get registered first. The registration method for getting registered in special Ramzan transmission of ARY Digital by the name of Shan e Ramazan is very simple.

One just have to call 021-111-279-111 and follow the instruction after calling. After you end up following all the instructions on phone you will get registered in the program. Shan e Ramazan is a decent production of ARY Digital and is hosted by great scholar Junaid Jamshed who was previously known for his songs, but Allah Almighty blessed him with light towards right path and now he is source of making people chose right path for their lives and that is preaching Islam.

The co-host of Junaid Jamshed is Waseem Badami, Waseem Badami is a very well know news caster and host of ARY Digital. This man has proved his iron in both feilds that is as a news caster and as a host. Both the hosts have done this program last year very successfully and it was liked all over the country. The have organized this program in a very decent manner. Every audience participating is given full respect and nobody is degraded in their program plus no cheap publicity acts are being done in this program.

So are you all set for getting registered at Shan e Ramzan. Just dial 021-111-279-111 and get registered.

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