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PTCL Website Hacked As a Protest Against High BroadBand Rates

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 29/06/2014)

PTCL website has once again been hacked by hackers. PTCL is the largest internet service provider of Pakistan. It has over one million broad band users. After introduction of 3G and 4G once again the business of PTCL is in danger. Reason being, when everyone will have fastest internet facility in their hands due cell phone. Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor and Zong have won 3G and 4G licences. This could be a threat to PTCL and it has to come up with something special for it users.

Broad Band user of Pakistan were expecting some extra ordinary discount in broadband packages but PTCL surprised everybody by increasing the rates of their packages. Nobody expected such high rates from PTCL and its user got disappointed. But there was sect that thought it PTCL should be taught a lesson and yesterday PTCL website was hacked. The hackers didn’t hack website for just fun but they left a clear message to PTCL revise their rates and come up with discount packages. This is what they wrote on the main page of site

“Reminder: We asked you before and we are asking you again! This is a protest against PTCL and we want you to revise broadband packages AGAIN. This is totally unfair with PTCL customers that you are continuously reducing Broadband volumes. This is not because we can’t pay more this is because we can’t bear injustice anymore! With Love Sultan and Makman Contact: [email protected]

The website will be restored once again and it doesn’t affect the revenue of PTCL but yes these hackers have conveyed voice of many broadband users out and loud. Lets see will this hacking make an impact or authorities of PTCL will just treat it as a routine incident as it has happend before as well.

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