Scandal Queen Mathira Gives Birth to a Baby Boy

(Last Updated On: 04/09/2014)

Veena Malik and Meera’s reign as scandal queen seems officially over now. It’s time for the rise of a new scandal queen. She has the throne now for the title of ‘Scandal Queen’.  She’s none other than Mathira Muhammad.

Mathira has been shocking her viewers every now and then but this time it indeed is huge. Harare born Mathira Muhammad revealed last month that she has been married for almost one year. She was having a debate and during the debate she was offered to marry. At this point she revealed that Mathira is already taken almost a year earlier to this offer.

People were recovering from this shock but Mathira was in a nasty mood. She has once again shocked everyone by releasing photos on Twitter with her newborn baby boy.

Mathira gave birth to baby boy

When asked about her husband, she said that she is not easy with revealing her family because relationships are extremely fragile and that is the reason she keeps her family and profession at distance from each other. She said that she would reveal the face of her husband when the time is right.

She was criticized by some circles firstly over her secret marriage and then son but she just said that she is not responsible to answer anyone.

Don’t know what next to expect from Mathira as she says that Mathira will give yet more surprises, one after one. Her famous scandal history suggests that indeed she is capable of doing that.

Mathira Muhammad debut was back in March 2011 where she joined Vibe TV late night transmission program ‘Love Indicator’. It was a controversial program as it discussed sexual relationship and other same kind of topics that the Pakistani society is shy of discussing publicly. This program was the first shock by Mathira to the viewers. Her nasty dressing  and her nasty actions in morning show can be seen in the following photo.

Mathira Again Nasty in Morning Show (Subh Ki Fiza)

Mathira Again Nasty in Morning Show (Subh Ki Fiza)

Another famous scandal of Mathira was her ‘Josh Condom Advertisement’ which was very bold and PEMRA had to ban this advertisement but it was already spread like wildfire on social media.

Mathira Josh Condom Ad Banned

She has a huge portfolio for bold photo-shoots while she also made it to the news by sending birthday greetings to former President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari. On this occasion she held a cupcake in her hand and greeted the former President.

Birthday greetings to Asif Ali Zardari

On the New Year night of 2013, she released her first music video with 12-year old rapper Arbaaz Khan and she was wearing such clothes that are questionable in our society.


Cricket fans were infuriated with Mathira after she said that there is something wrong with Afridi’s brain. This scandal was born after Shahid Afridi demanded that the item song in which Mathira performed was bold and should be removed from the movie.

There is no end to the scandals of Mathira and her reputation suggests that many more are on their way, so sit tight and wait for her to shock us all in the coming few days.

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