Shahzaib Ali Abbasi: A Mathematics Genius

This 18 years old genius does not want to become an engineer nor a doctor. He wants to become a scientist and want to solve the energy crisis in his homeland.

Shahzaib Ali Abbasi

Shahzaib Ali Abbasi has been declared as the topper in the whole world for mathematics in Cambridge O-level exam. University of Cambridge is situated in UK and it is one of the most prestigious Universities in the whole world.

Shahzaib belongs to Sukkur in Sindh and he said that Pakistan’s first Noble Prize-winning scientist Dr. Abdul Salam is his ideal.

Shahzaib has also achieved a regional distinction in the O-level exam in computer studies. He has been honoured further by the mentions in International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) 2013 that was held in Colombia, South America and also in the Asia Pacific Mathematics Olympiad along with many other accolades he has already achieved during this young age.

Right now Shahzaib Ali Abbasi is busy preparing for his A-levels final. FFC Grammar School, Mirpur Mathelo has the honour to have this brilliant mind in their school and his previous achievements have already made his parents and teachers proud.

According to Shahzaib, he has received scholarship offers from some of the best colleges and Universities around the world like King’s College London, Bath University UK and University of Hong Kong but this young man has a dream i.e. to get a bachelor’s degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology that happens to be in USA.

Zulfiqar Ali Abbasi, the father of Shahzaib is an officer in agricultural department, said about his son that

Shahzaib is not a bookworm. In addition to his studies, he makes time for sports. But when it comes to mathematics, he is crazy about it, so much so that while traveling he keeps a diary and pen ready and keeps solving mathematical problems

Qamar-un-Nisa, is the mother of Shahzaib and she teaches as a lecturer at FFC Grammar School. She also is a gold medallist having done her MSc in Chemistry from Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur.

As most parents, Zulfiqar Ali Abbasi wanted his son to become a doctor but when he discovered Shahzaib’s craze about Mathematics, he felt that freedom of academic choice was more important. Shahzaib’s younger brother and sister Waqas and Rabia are following his footsteps and are excelling in their studies.

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