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Shoaib Akhtar Getting Married to 17 Year Old?

(Last Updated On: 23/06/2014)

Well it seems that its the season of cricketers getting engaged or married and this time its the fastest bowler of the world; but wait it’s a complicated story. Few days back a well reputed newspaper broke the news that Shoaib Akhtar fastest bowler this earth has seen so far is going to get engaged in June 2014. The newspaper claimed that the superb fast bowler is about to get married to a 17 year Old Rubab. The newspaper further informed that Rubab is a student of intermediate and she has 3 brothers and a younger sister.

The newspaper also wrote that 17 year old have little interest in cricket. Well the news was a bit shocking that 39 year Old is getting married to a 17 year old girl. The newspaper reported the whole story that the families of Rawalpindi Express and Rubab met in Saudi Arab and Shoaib’s family asked them to find a girl for their son and Hajj both the families kept on meeting each other. The dates and venues of functions of Shoaib Akhar were also published.

The story got even more confusing when suddenly news of engagement of Junaid Khan came at same time, almost same date and with a 17 year old but the news of Junaid Khan getting engaged has now been confirmed. However Shoaib Akhtar has totally denied the news of getting married to 17 year old Hazara Distt girl. Shoaib Akhtar cleared the confusion with the help of his social media accounts where he denied news of getting married to 17 year old.

This is what Shoaib Akhtar tweeted

I would like to confirm that I’m not getting married to 17 year old girl,there is absolutely no truth in the story being reported.”

Shoaib Akhtar’s another tweet about denial of news was

“Wishes are always welcome BUT NOT for some crap rumor…My journalist friends,I expect sensible reporting and not rumor spreading.Thanks!”

Lets see when Rawalpindi Express ties the wedding knot as his fans are looking forward to it.

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