Smoking in Pakistani Girls is Growing Enormously

Once upon a time, smoking was quite rare in Pakistan although there were many other things that contained tobacco but smoking the tobacco in the form of cigarette was quite rare. Gradually smoking started to replace many other tobacco based products and now it is the most popular medium of utilizing tobacco in the form of cigarette.

Smoking a cigarette was considered a manly thing for the past many years. It was quite shocking and amazing as well as a strange thing if someone countered a woman who smokes or even if she is buying cigarette.

Women who smoke are not yet confident enough to go buy cigarettes like they buy any other commodity but still the trend in big cities like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi is changing at quite a pace and now in whole Pakistan, the ratio is 1 female smoker for every 2 male smokers. It for the past few years have been at a ratio of 1 female smoker to every 4 male smokers.

Due to introduction of Sheesha in Pakistan, smoking is getting more and more acceptable even for girls and it is an estimate that 1 lac tons of tobacco is sold in Pakistan on daily basis. Fashion industry of Pakistan is infested with female smoking the most as these women want to give more independent and powerful look to the world.


Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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