Stage and TV Actress Zara Akbar Joins PTI

Leading actress Zara Akbar who has worked in numerous films, TV dramas and also on theatre has announced that she is joining Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). She announced that she is leaving Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).

She has been politically affiliated with PPP for about 20 years but she is not happy with the party’s policies anymore. According to her PPP after Shaheed Benazir Bhutto is not the same and this is the reason she has announced to join PTI.

Zara Akbar in a special interview said that PPP failed to deliver and has done nothing for the people of the country especially the artist community. She further said that Shaheed Benazir Bhutto is her ideal and she will remain her ideal till death.

Zara Akbar said that PTI has emerged amazingly as prominent public power in the leadership and supervision of Imran Khan and she thinks that Imran Khan will play an active role in making our country a new Pakistan.

Zara Akbar told that she has voted for PTI in general elections 2013 and she intends to support PTI in future as well. She intends to use her capabilities for promotion and betterment of PTI.

Zara Akbar is quite popular in stage due to her good and memorable performances while she has been one of the leading and successful actresses in TV and film industry of Pakistan.

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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