Shahid Afridi Is Best Choice For T20 Captain; Wasim Akram

Pakistan’s star left arm pacer and former captain of Pakistan Cricket Team, Wasim Akram appreciated Shahid Afridi and said that he should be captaining the National T20 Cricket Team instead of Muhammad Hafeez.

He said that Afridi currently is the best choice for National T20 Cricket team as captain now that Muhammad Hafeez has resigned as the captain of the National Team. He was quite furious on Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for the demotion of senior players like Younis Khan in category B of the central contracts.

Wasim Akram was talking to the media and he said that

It is a mistake to demote Younis. Similarly it is hard on Muhammad Irfan that he has been kept in the category D while at the same time he is being considered a match-winner in the World Cup.

Former Pakistani captain Wasim Akram criticized the criteria of PCB for central contracts and said that central contracts should consider seniority and past performances of the players. PCB has re-considered its decision about Younis Khan now and has awarded him category A contract.

Wasim Akram emphasized that National Players should be allowed to play in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL). The camp should not be the only thing for national players. He said that

I think it would be better if these players play in the Caribbean League because match exposure is always best for a player to prepare for the next challenge

This statement of Wasim Akram is really meaningful as Pakistani Cricket Players are not getting any sort of cricket other than official tours while rest of the teams of cricket playing nations enjoy major share in Indian Premier League (IPL) where they get good money and a lot of practice to enhance their form and skills by playing against some of the best cricketers in the world.

On the other hand, Shahid Afridi has been considered an aggressive captain. Pakistani cricket is on the back foot because no nation wants to visit Pakistan and play cricket. Daring captains like Shahid Afridi are required to take Pakistani cricket to the next level.

Shahid Afridi Should be T-20 Captain – Wasim Akram by zemtv

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  • Livebatball on 24/06/2015

    no doubt in this that Shahid Afridi is the best choice for a Captain, he is our legendary player. we are sure he gonna be great in CPL T20


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