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Tragic End to Love Marriage on Wrong Call

A girl named Sadia who is the resident of Nowshera Warkan made friendship with Ihsan on mobile wrong number call. It was not long when both of them found that their friendship means more than just friendship to both of them.

They exchanged pictures with each other and finally both of them decided that they are in love and wanted to marry each other.

Sadia fled her home and court married with Ihsan. It was not long when she discovered that Ihsan is a drinker and he already has wife and four children.

This was shocking for Sadia and love washed away into hatred. She had no other way left but to ask Ihsan to divorce her.

Ihsan also hit Sadia in front of media and the camera which shows how low he could get. On the request of Sadia, Police has taken Ihsan into custody and has registered a case against Ihsan.

Tragic end of love marriage, man father of 4 kids by GrApEwAtEr2

What Sadia is left with now? She has nothing left to say as this could be her biggest mistake in her life that she will regret all her life.

This isn’t just Sadia; there are many young girls who find themselves in such situation every year. Internet and mobile has facilitated the life of Pakistani nation to a great deal but misuse of this facility is destroying our society every passing day.

Due to lack of education, young men and women in our society face such situations and will be facing until government do something about it.

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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