Visit Abu Dhabi, Rome, Zurich, Nairobi & Johannesburg by Ufone

Ufone has found a new way to keep its users to itself. Ufone came up with Shah Car offer for its Prepaid customers keeping in view that most of the prepaid customers are from middle class families and dreams to have their own car or it is very difficult for them buy their own car. So it Ufone offered them 20 brand new cars through lucky draw.

For its post paid customers, Ufone management knows that this class of users normally do have cars but to go outside the country they need to do more. So for prepaid customers Ufone have came up with a scheme to visit some mesmerizing places.

In this regard those post paid customers who will generate bill of 2000 or more they will automatically get registered for the lucky draw in which they can win 3 return tickets to one of following places Abu Dhabi, Zurich, Nairobi, Rome and Johannesburg. The more you generate the more chances you have to go to one of these lovely places.

In this way 5 families will get lucky to visit theses places. Ufone is making dreams come true for its customers. Ufone has offered this package in collaboration with Etihad Airlines. The time to get registered for lucky draw starts from 15th June and will end on 14th August.

Winners of the lucky draw will be announced in the month of September 2014. Winners will be called by Ufone to congratulate them and confirm their address. So all the Ufone postpaid customers are ready to try your luck for a foreign tour. One must appreciate Ufone marketing department for coming up such offers which entertain, retain their customers and generate revenue as well.


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