10 most Popular Certificate Programs on Coursera in 2015

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 17/12/2015)

2016 is just knocking at the door, and organizations are taking a quick recap of what they have done in the year 2015.

As everyone doing, Coursera has also unveiled the list of most coveted and opted certificates by the people in the year 2015. The list is also a kind of helping-hand for those who are quite confused to get in which of the course offered by Coursera.

And the one who aren’t aware of what Coursera is, should get into their knowledge that it is an educational platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide and offers you online courses/programs for everyone.

Coursera’s eminence in online education providing can be assured from its team up with some of the leading educational institutes worldwide. And furthermore,  its stats also proves its poularity.

Here are the stats of Coursera:

Learners: 16,660,314
Courses Offered: 1,522
Partners: 140 Partners

Global Rank of the Site (by Alexa Rank):  774

Coursera has been working  a lot change the tradititanoal educational patterns since its launch in 2012. With using Cousera, while sitting at home, you can get the lectures of some of the top professors of the world and when you get master you get accolades and certificate from them.

Here are the “Top 10 most coveted Cousera Certificates of 2015

  1. Digital Marketing, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  2. Data Science, Johns Hopkins University
  3. Interaction Design, University of California, San Diego
  4. Business Strategy, University of Virginia
  5. Strategic Business Analytics, ESSEC Business School
  6. Data Science at Scale, University of Washington
  7. Genomic Data Science, Johns Hopkins University
  8. Organizational Leadership, Northwestern University
  9. Social Media Marketing, Northwestern University
  10. Strategic Management and Innovation, Copenhagen Business School

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