Wasim Akram’s Daughter Aiyla Akram Pictures

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(Last Updated On: 18/12/2015)

Wasim Akram is regarded as the One of the best all time cricketer, and with his some brilliant punches to some legends of the game, he holds a special place among the legends of the game of cricket.

Beside his all achievements he is purely a family man, who likes to be with his family. And with some of his cool pictures on social media paths, he looks a cool husband for the Australian native Shaniera Akram.

Aside from her pictures with his wife, he also posts some pictures with his children. As we know, 49-years-old Akram is a proud dad of three.

His andShaniera’s daughter Aiyla Akram is one of the most sought after baby in Pakistan on the web.

As both Wasim, Shaniera both are sociaholics and when they share the pictures of their soon turning 1-year-old daughter Aiyla, people went on extending their best wishes to the cute baby.

Aiyla Akram was born on 27 December 2014 in Melbourne and her 1st birthday is not far away. The daddy looks quite alert about her daughters birthday month, and ahead of this, he shared the reason behind naming her daughter ‘Aiyla’. His reason left many extending wishes for him and his daughter.

Here is the reason behind Waseem Akram naming her daughter ‘Aiyla’:


Today, in a Tweet Mr Akram, one of the most legendary person of Pakistan showed the strength and prayed tribute the martyrs of APS Attack as he told he named his daughter Aiyla, which means moonlight and reckon her as the ray of light during the dark times of December 2014.

With his recent Tweet, he condemned the barbaric APS Attack 2014 and also showed his respect for the martyred kids. And with this unveiling dad’s angel Aiyla Akram will become dearer to the nation.

Here are the pictures of Aiyla Akram:








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