180+ Illegal But Functional Higher Education Institutions in Pakistan : HEC

(Last Updated On: 09/05/2015)

HEC acronym for Higher Education Commission of Pakistan recently claimed that about more than 180 institutions which are not yet officially registered are working in Pakistan.Though some of the degree awarding institutions have their affiliation with public or private sector universities but yet they have not provided their NOC to HEC which is required for official recognization by HEC.

Provincial governor of HEC claimed that leading bodies of such unrecognised organizations taking education as a business and instead of repeating notifications for NOC by HEC not responding on it.Infact number of such fake organizations are now increasing in Pakistan.

Some authorized people also verified that there are many degrees awarding universities in Pakistan introducing themselves as International organization or affiliation with International organization but this is totally fake.Some universities have their pseudo names on i.e American, London and other international organizations.

It is therefore suggested that in order to discourage this trend it is necessary to dismiss the funds of those public or private sector organization to whom these unrecognised institutions are connected with.

On March 23 Dr. Zulifiqar Ali Bhatti with the reference of Committe on Fedral Education and Professional Training presided a meeting in parliament truly taken into account this agenda.

Acting Executive Director of HEC Dr.Mansoor Kundi stated that HEC is eagerly playing its role in this dimension by sending notices, tracing and reducing such unrecognized bodies.He claimed that HEC in a particular time span reduced the numbers of such fake universities by putting their name and websites on the official websites of HEC and also by providing Public Service messages through print and electronic media in this regard.

Now it’s a need of hour that government take strict action on those who are playing with the future of youngsters just for sake of their personal incentives and lust.Meanwhile, public should also play its significant role by informing higher authorities about such heavenly faced devilish bodies.

Illegal list of universities by HEC:

S.No University / Institute Name

1 The Elites Univeristy

2 American School of International Business

3 American World University International

4 Glamshire University

5 American International University

6 American University of Hawaii

7 East-West University

8 International University of America

9 Western International Univeristy, Pakistan

10 Washington Univeristy

11 University of Southern Pakistan

12 University of Houston Clear Lake

13 University of Economics & Technology

14 The Open International University for Complimentary Medicines

15 Lincoln Institute

16 University of Islamic Study

17 Agha Computers

18 Islamabad Computer Institute

19 Flash Institute of Computer Studies

20 Square Soft Systems

21 Aptech Computer Education Lahore

22 Softlogix College of Information Technology

23 TIU Institute

24 Pakistan College of Science & Technology

25 AIMS Institute of Management Sciences

26 National Textile College of Professional Sceinces & IT Lahore

27 Standard Institute of Emerging Technologies & Sciences (SIETS)

28 Ali Garh Institute of Management Science (AIMS)

29 Mishigan International College

30 The International University, USA

31 American International College

32 American University of London

33 Rawal Open International University of Alternative Medicine Pakistan

34 INFOVISION Institute of Management and Information Technology

35 Islamia College of Commerece

36 Opstech College of Computer Science

37 CIT College

38 Myer’s Insitution of Technology

39 College of Computer & Information Technology

40 Global College of Information Technology

41 Global College of Information Technology

42 Aryan University

43 Institute of Advance Studies of Information Technology

44 Pak Kashmir Institute of IT

45 University College of Commerce

46 National College of Commerce

47 Quaid-e-Azam College

48 International College of Commerce

49 Leads Law College

50 Comstech Law College

51 Comstech Degree Collge

52 Pakistan Mission Law College

53 Lahore Univeristy of Computer Excellence

54 Arqum College of Science & Arts

55 Cosmiq Institute of Technology

56 NICON College of Computer Sciences

57 SINTEC System

58 Higher Education College

59 National Textile College of Professional Sciences and IT

60 Standard Institute of Emerging Technolgies and Sciences

61 American School of London

62 College Swiss Swithzerland

63 The International University of America

64 Institute of Management Science and Arts

65 Mehran Institute of I.T.

66 National College of Computer Sciences

67 National Group of Textile  College

68 Pakistan Institute of Technology

69 The National College

70 Exceisior College of Information Technology

71 Microinn Technologies

72 Fashion Design Institute

73 Michigan Internaitonal College

74 National Textile College of Professional Sciences and IT

75 University of East

76 My University

77 The Dar-ul-Madina International University

78 South Asian Strategic Institute Univeristy

79 Capital University

80 Pakistan Institute of Management

81 Lal Shahbaz University

82 Ghazi University

83 Information Technology University

84  Preston University, Faisalabad campus

85 Baba Guru Nanak University

86 Government Sadiq College for Women

87 Government College Women University

88 Qalandar Shahbaz University of Modern Sciences

89 Karachi Institute of Technology and Engineering

90 Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

91 NICON College of Computer Sciences

92 Preston University School of Business

93 Flash Insititue of Computer Sciences

94 Institute of Professional Studeis (Canal Campus)

95 College of Technical Education

96 College of Education

97 Matrix Institute of Emerging Science

98 Quaid-e-Azam College of Information Technology

99 Centre for Health & Population Studies

100 College of Business Administration

101 Lahore School of Information Technology

102 Proceed Institute of Management & IT

103 Institute of Computer Technology

104 College of Professional Studies

105 Institute of Management Sciences

106 College of Business Administration

107 College of I.T.

108 University College

109 INFOVISION Institute of Management & Information Technology

110 Shibly College of Commerece

111 Khyber College of Commerce

112 Pioneer College of Commerce

113 Global College

114 Abdul Kasim College

115 The National College

116 National Group of Textile College

117 Aptech Computer Education

118 CIT College

119 The National College

120 Softlogix College of Information Technology

121 Excellsior College of Information Technology

122 Kynat College of Commerce

123 Allaid College of Commerce

124 DG College

125 Institute of Information Technology & Management

126 Wah Institute of Management Technology

127 Soft Vision Center of Information Technology

128 University College of Inforamtion Technology

129 SPIRIT Institute of Management & Computer Science

130 Institute of Science & Management

131 College of Computer & Management Studies

132 College of Education

133 Chanab Institute of Information Technology, Shadab Colony

134 College of Management & Information Technology

135 Rawalpindi Institute of Technology

136 Multan Institute of Management Sciences

137 SYSTEX Institute of Technology

138 ABACUS College

139 College of Advance Professional Studies

140 LIONS College

141 College of Information Technology

142 University of Loralai

143 American International University

144 London College of Excellence

145 Al-Qasim University

146 American University of London Western Graduate College

147 Collage Siss Switzerland

148 East-West University Chicago

149 Glamshier University

150 The Open International University for Complimentary Mediciens (OIUCXM)Columbo

151 University College Sedaya International

152 American University of Hawaii

153 Al-Kausar Univeristy

154 NICON College of Computer Sciences

155 Rawal Open International University of Alternative Medicine

156 Rawalpindi Institute of Technology

157 College of Blobal Technologies

158 South Asia Institute of Management and I.T.

159 UK College of Information Technology

160 College of Management & I.T.

161 UK College of Technology

162 College of Professional Studies

163 Edycare College of I.T.

164 Sadiqabad Polytechnic Institute

165 Al-Khair College of Commerece

166 College of Information Technology

167 College of Education

168 College of Management & Informatiion Technology

169 College of Administration & Computer Science

170 College of Management Science

171 Pakistan Institute of Proessional Science

172 Leads Institute of Management Sciences

173 Central College of Information Technology

174 Pyramid Education Centre

175 Institute of Information Technology & Management

176 Wah Institute of Management Technology

177 Soft Vision Center of Information Technology

178 University College of Information Technology

179 SPIRIT Institute of Management & Computer Science

180 Institute of Science & Management

181 College of Computer & Management Studies

182 College of Education

183 Chanab Institute of Information Technolgy, Shadab Colony




  • Ye baat note krne wali ha k en ma sa 80% institutes punjab ma hain or sb sa zyada lahore ma. Jb k karachi ma taqreeban na hone k braber hain. Ma na andaza lagaya ha k karachi ka highier education sb sa behter or relible ha. Ye alag baat k kuch log ye list apni aankhon sa dekhne k baad b meri baat nahi manengay.

  • It is notified that Pakistan is totally destroyed in order to control its skeleton,all people and the Government is too sleeping that in future,we will not be able to understand Is education a buisness?

    We are moving towards declination & downfall,in order to over-confidence and fake material every person in this country should die into a river.we can not control this situation till each person play a positive role to secure the youngsters future.

  • I am in total support of HEC in this matter. Running a non-recognized institute will harm students in the long run. Most of them may not be able to get a certified degree after years of hard work making it difficult for them to survive in the cooperate world. Running a fake university may be profitable for a brief period of time but there is a greater chance the law might discontinue all their on goings. All such universities should be shut down effective immediately because they are destroying the future of our potential pupils.

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