9th November Iqbal Day Public Holiday: Faisal Qureshi criticizes satirically

(Last Updated On: 06/11/2015)

Allama Muhammad Iqbal (9 November 1877- 21 April 1938)

The Day 9th November is regarded as the Iqbal Day in our country, the day is the birth anniversary of the eminent poet, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, who devoted himself for the sake of Muslims regaining their power and strength and  to let the Muslims of Sub-continent know about dignity of their ancestors and could recognize that they are superior and deserve far better than they have adjusted for.

His poetry played a big part in instigating Khudi (self) among Muslims youth and his intellectual ideas were also rose Muslims up to get freedom.

Public Holidays of 2015 and Iqbal Day

The circular by Ministry of Interior, which was issued earlier this year on 2nd January told about the confirm Public Holidays and optional Holidays in the country for this year. And Iqbal day holiday was listed among the confirm holidays for this year. But till the latest update it seems that there will be no holiday on the day.

Faisal Qureshi- Criticizes satirically

Popular TV anchor Faisal Qureshi is nowadays out of the industry, on the other hand, he’s hawk-eyed when it comes to the social issues, and not to forget that Iqbal Day Holiday has become one of the top trend of Pakistan, where people were asking for the vacation on the day on behalf  of remembrance of national hero Muhammad Iqbal.

Here is the video message of Faisal Qureshi, he criticized the decision of government over cancelling the Iqbal Day holiday.

Checkout the video


Confirmed Public Holidays


Optional Holidays


The circular issued on 4th November

A circular which announced cancellation of public holiday on Iqbal Day

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