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Ahmed Shehzad’s wedding and PSL official ceremony pictures

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 21/09/2015)

In an event held on 19/09/15, the star batsman Ahmed Shehzad has geared up his status from bachelor to married. A good news for the young star and we wish him very best of luck for his new innings. All the very best ‘Selfie King’!

No doubt another handsome bachelor and heartthrob has left his female stars heartbroken on the occasion. Many of them termed Sana Murad as the most successful woman, as she has got the most famous bachelor of Pakistani team.

The trend ‘#AhmadKeShadi’ and  ‘AhmadWedsSana” had been top on Twitter during his marriage days.

His bestie Afridi was along with him on the marriage occasion and their bromance was highly appreciated by the cricket-lovers. Both the stars were quite happy on the event although Shehzad got tempered high due to certain reasons.

Ahmed Shehzad has been entertaining his fans in-side the ground and also off the ground. Shehzad aka Selfie King has also been socially active and presenting his views via his FB and Twitter accounts.

Shahzad also holds close relationship with Caribbean cricketer Chris Gayle and both are often seen exchanging words for each other.

Ahmed Shehzad Wedding ceremony pictures:




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Ahmed Shehzad’s house decorated on the event:




Ahmed Shehzad at the official launch of PSL:






Is Ahmed Shehzad the hottest cricketer in Pakistan team?

Recently, in launching ceremony of PSL, famous Pakistani model Nadia Hussain was asked a question about the hottest cricketer in Pakistan, the gorgeous lady clearly named Ahmed Shehzad and Shahid Afridi.

Ahmed Shehzad’s cricketing Career

Shehzad who is quite famous for his aggressive style became the part of Pakistani team back in  April 2009, he played ODI’s against Australia and further participated in T20 matches, as he seems to be ideal for the short cricket.

It’s pertinent to mention Shehzad is the youngest cricketer among Top 15 Pakistani players with most number of centuries in ODI. He has scored 6 centuries so far in his career and has lot more potential to move on.

NO: Notout HS: Highest Score BF: Balls faced

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