APICTA 2015 Awards in Sri Lanka: Pakistan wins 3 Gold, 1 Silver Award

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(Last Updated On: 23/11/2015)

The prestigious ICT Awards were held this year in Sri Lanka from 18-22 November. Taking a rough look at the stats, 17 Gold awards were to be bestowed at the event on the category basis and teams from around 17 nation economies were in run to win the contest.

Young Pakistani turned over the previous charts and this year got 3 Gold Awards and 1 Silver Award for their inventiveness and professionalism in the field.

This year’s Pakistani delegation comprised of 50 members, who encamped in Sri Lanka for the awards along with their 22 technology products. The International APICTA jury from 17 economies, examined and evaluated the products according to the eligibility details and judging criteria which were mentioned before to the contestants from the every field.

Here are the 17 categories, on which candidates were awarded for their contribution and bringing the software solutions with new ideas to the field.

  • Application Tools & Platforms
  • Communication
  • School Project
  • e-Learning
  • Financial Industry Application
  • Government & Public Sector
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Inclusion & Community
  • Industry Application
  • Media & Entertainment Technology
  • Research & Development
  • Retail & Supply Chain Management
  • School Project
  • Security
  • Start-Up
  • Sustainability & Environment Technology
  • Tertiary Student Project
  • Tourism & Hospitality

Pakistani tech enthusiasts bagged gold in three of the categories from above.

Inclusion & Community
Product: Mobile Audio Streaming service
Company: Evamp & Saanga

Product: Ingrain
Company: Eyedus Labs

Teritary Student Category
Product: Active and Intelligent Powered Ankle Foot Prosthesis for Trans-tibial Amputees
Innovators: Noor Asif & Muhammad Farjad Hassan
Organization: National University of Science & Technology School of EME

Category in Which Pakistan was bestowed with  Silver

School Project
Project: Teddict
A team from The Nest i/o – [email protected]’s Technology Incubator in Karachi

Pakistani delegation

Pakistani delegation

Gold Award winners of Pakistan APICTA Awards 2015-in pictures


Winner “Tertiary Students” goes to “Tibial Amputees” from Pakistan


Winner Award “Startup” goes to “Ingrain” from Pakistan


Winner Award “Inclusion” goes to “Mobile Audio Streaming Service” from Pakistan

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