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Are Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed married or not?

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 08/09/2015)

The debate is going on from a long time, ends without any logical point, although people opposing it can’t persuade the others and people supporting it even can’t elucidate their point to be so sure.

In such consequences its quiet difficult what’s inside, despite this making all the analysis and peeping inside their personal life, we have got the point; the couple is more than best friend and the way they are moving on they might upgrade their status from ‘single’ to ‘married’ or it can be ‘happily married’, as the bonding between both of them is a lot tight.


Urwa Hocane: The VJ-turned actress is quiet optimistic about her filming career, after making debut in film industry with ‘Na maloom’, she’s in limelight and is being offered different roles but she isn’t in a mood to take any risk. She was also offered ‘Azhar’ a biopic film on Azharuddin’s life, but she refused it saying: “I don’t want to do bold scenes, but that was not the only reason, I was also busy working on a local production Jhol.” She also told that she would “love to do meaty characters in Bollywood, otherwise she is happy in Pakistan.”

Urwa G

The way she is carrying on her filmy career that proves, she is quiet interested in it and is not in a mood to avoid this. Deriving from it, this could be one of the major reason of the couple not revealing their relation (engagement or marriage). And else this can be a hurdle between getting marry.

Farhan Saeed: The former lead vocalist of ‘Jal’ and owner of restaurant Cafe Rock knows the trick to be in limelight, comes up with single numbers, followed by acting in dramas or even reprising the song.  Farhan is seen quite often hanging out with Urwa and her sister Mawra. Especially at birthday functions, premier shows and even in daily-life the couple is spotted roaming. Recently, they both are starring together in a love story drama serial ‘Meray Ajnabi’, which is being shown by ARY Digital. Around 2 months back, Farhan Saeed opened up something really clear with his relation with Urwa, said:

“Everything is on social media and we’ve never hidden anything from anyone. Whenever we take our relationship to the next level, we’ll definitely share it with every one.”

Farhan Saeed

Farhan Saeed

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