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ARY cancels decision of overtaking BOL

(Last Updated On: 01/10/2015)

Salman Iqbal, famous media mogul and founder of ARY has taken ‘u-turn’ over decision of overtaking the dubious BOL TV network. The latest information tells that the two of the media networks will be having no more affiliation.

The reason of unsuccessful tie is told as owners of BOL Network and Salman Iqbal could not reach a mutual agreement on the management take over deal.

The changeover decision will definitely be affecting the afflicted BOL journalists. Earlier, Salman Iqbal announced the takeover of the defunct Bol TV’s management.

Bol TV was termed as ‘Biggest Media group’ of Pakistan, wasn’t able to launch as it was the brain-child of Axact, who was alleged of running “fake education empire” by New York Times (NYT). Later, CEO of Axact and of BOL Group was arrested.

At the same time ARY originator Salman Iqbal stepped in, made startling announcement with aim to provide job security to thousands of workers, took over the management of the company and vowed the channel will be on-aired within three weeks. But the recent story states ARY and BOL not together anymore.

Here’s the statement narrating the story:

Mr. Salman Iqbal and the owners of Bol Network could not reach a mutual agreement on the management takeover deal, despite extensive and honest deliberations from both sides. With no alternatives available, Mr. Salman Iqbal is no more taking care of Management of Bol Network.

Salman Iqbal & BOL Network



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