Axact Educational Degrees Scandal Reported by New York Times

Axact  Scandal is all over the news, not only for the BOL channel they were going to launch in near future, but for the allegedly  fake educational degrees. After New York Times and Pak Tea House reported their stories, Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan ordered FIA to investigate this case. While Axact disagrees with it and call it a conspiracy against them.


We request the government to order a proper judicial inquiry into these false allegations made against Axact. The inquiry being conducted right now seems to be done in haste and without lawful procedure. For instance, sealing Axact’s Islamabad office, seizure of computers, etc. They are now asking to submit a list of queries in less than 24 hours. This seems like that the way the inquiry is being done is due to the pressure from the competitor media organizations. We also fear that the way the inquiry is being conducted points to the fact that they already have a verdict against Axact in mind.

FIA has sealed both the offices of Axact at Rawalpindi and has arrested at least 71 people from these offices. Some of the lower staff like cook, guards and other such employees were released later. Servers, hard drives and computers are taken into custody by FIA. Investigations are broadened while the companies providing web hosting to Axact are also being investigated.

Bloggers and journalists also raised How much Tax Did CEO of Axact Paid in 2014? According to journalist Ahmed Noorani in April, this man having such a giant company has paid only 26 rupees in income tax last year. An FBR screenshot is shared below.

Axact Legal action aginst Sue Pak Tea House and New York Times

Although the news are all over the place that Axact has is to sue Pak Tea House and New York Times for unveiling its activities, but much is going on right now and it is really doubtful that company can afford to fight back after such a setback. New York Times Bureau Chief for Pakistan, Declan Walsh wrote this story in high detail alleging company to provide fake degrees for the online universities that never existed and earned millions of dollars from manipulating the customers globally. After that the funding through which company is going to launch BOL network is also under accusations and Kamran Khan, a very senior journalist and Iftikhar Ahmed who also is very senior journalist has threatened that if the allegations were proved correct, they will eventually leave BOL network.

Pak Tea House’s Part in Axact Decline

Pak Tea House has been running a campaign against Axact on social media and their website as well where they have posted story of former employee of Axact who tells why he left Axact. The detailed story covers most parts of how Axact rob people of their money and in turn give them fake degrees.

New York Times report also stated that many former employees were interviewed and they helped them identify around 370 websites that are run by Axact for online degree scams and they are websites that have no affiliation with any real university or college.

A list of such fake websites has been provided at New York Times Website and it can be checked on the link below.


Umar Farooq
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