Axact Scandal – Dawood Ibrahim & Malik Riaz

New Official response from Axact:


“Axact condemns this story as baseless, substandard, maligning, defamatory and based on false accusations and merely a figment of imagination published without taking the company’s point of view. Axact will be pursuing strict legal action against the publications and those involved.”

BOL channel network has been highly criticized as right from the word go, they were hiring staff very aggressively. As compared to other TV channels in Pakistan, they were paying much higher amounts to the anchors and other important staff. Famous anchors from different TV channels started to migrate to BOL network and their respective TV channels required a substantial increase in the salaries of their star performers so that they can convince them to stay.

Rise of BOL has certainly surprised and shocked everyone. Rumors started to arise on the scene. Allegedly the major rumor that came up on the scene was that there are two very strong parties involved in setting up BOL channel network i.e. gangster-turned-terrorist Dawood Ibrahim and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

The allege reason described in rumors for setting up a news channel is that since the media in Pakistan has grown independent and ISI is being highly criticized, it was need of the time that such a channel should be introduced on the scene that is able to neutralize the effect of criticism on ISI and premiere spying agency of Pakistan could control how the media works.

Dawood Ibrahim Axact BOL media enterprise

All the work carried out to set up this new channel is through a company named Axact. Axact claims that it is the largest software house of Pakistan with over 5000 employees working in their company. Axact is accused of hosting illegal porn sites and also involved in selling fake degrees. Moreover its owner and founder Shoaib Shaikh was once mentioned in British newspaper report. The report accused him of hosting such websites that charge money for writing term papers and dissertations for the students.

Axact Private Limited has strong denied the allegations for its project BOL Media Network. They claim that BOL channel is not affiliated with either Dawood Ibrahim or Malik Riaz. They also claim that the rumors and news report trying to connect their company somehow with anyone of them are baseless and false. The company operates currently from Dubai, Karachi and Islamabad and has presence in over 100 countries of the world. They have more than 8 million customer base throughout the world.

In addition they also claimed that their reputation has earned them some enemies and when they launched mega project of BOL media network, the jealous entities are trying to malign the name of the company by doing negative propaganda.

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

Umer Farooq is a hobbyist British writer, who likes to write about Politics, Sports, Fashion and Technology. Having secured a Master’s degree in Executive Leadership from University of Ulster United Kingdom, he has a firm grip on current issues. Research work also is one of the his favourite areas and it came natural to him.


  • james on 04/12/2015

    very soon this propaganda will be disclosed

  • haya khan on 29/06/2015

    pakistan main phly he bohat log be’rozgat hain hukumat unko rozgar dene kay bajai jo log axact main kam karte unki bh roze chehn rahe hain. . . inhe sharam kio nahi ate agr chalo manliya ye scandal such bh hain tou ye baat duniya ko pata thn k yaha kiya kam hota hain phlay kio chapa ni mara. or jin ko bh axact ki degree mili hain wo sab bahar achi post par hain agar aisa hota to bahar walay pakar late agar degree jali thn to kio nahi phly kisi ne shikayat ki mene paise diya mere sath froud hua hain ya scandal k bad bh nahi kaha yaha fia walo ko saboot ni mila lahor le gaye lahor main nahi mila islamabad le gaye had h yar insaf nam ki cheez nahi sab se bare na insafi ye hain kay saboot milne p company sel hote hain bina suboot k kio sell ki ye masla ek depart ka tha to inho ne IT depart kio band kiya.axact to ek bahana hain asal wajah bol hain bol se jalousi hain…ayan khan altaf hussain kay sath itna vailt behave nahi hua jo shoaib k sath hora hain had hain yar awam fazool main vote dalne jate hain awan ka vote koi kam ka nahi jab hukumat news chenel k owner banate hain agar koi mere baat se agre hain tou answer de thankx you apni dua me yaad rahkiya ga allah hafeez ☺

  • Imtiaz Ali on 01/06/2015

    Zardari ne bol tv se paise liye thaiye BOL TV ko licence dene k lakin govt change hi gai ab Nawaz sharif ne paise mange Hain toh uss ne nahi diye.

    Zardari aur Nawaz Shaird mil Kar Usko Khanna Chahtey Hain,,,,That Way Woh usko phassa rahey hain.

    New York Time ka reporter Bhi Zardari aur nawaz sharif ke kehne par yeh kar raha hai.

    Zara socho k new york times ki khabber kab ki hai. Computer se data ek click mein khatam hota hai. hard disk Magnetic (Maknatees) se ek minute mein kharab hoti hai. 1 din mein 1 degree baich sakta hoga. Lakhon ki tadad mein degrees print karne ki kya zaroorat hai. aur woh bhi arrest hone ke 10 din baad mil rahi hain. Itna Staff hone k baad bhi unhoon ne Jalaie nahi Zayan nahi ki.

    News Channel uske khilaf thaiye BOL TV ki wajha se aur Sare Anchor Lay Jane ki wajha se.

  • coolfrog on 24/05/2015

    This is a country where the wealthy and rich people have been ruling for decades and now when some body has stepped up who actually holds the mentality and capability to think about the working class, the poor people the deserving…no doubt those powers who do not want this to be happening are trying day and night to create hurdles in the efforts of people like shoaib sheikh.
    But hopefully he will come out of this exam successfully!!

  • GMMEMON on 24/05/2015

    abhi tak ilzamat hen n investigation horahi hy jab tak kuch proof na ho jai tab EXACT n BOL network k bare me kuch kaha nahi jasakta hy

  • Shujaat hassan on 21/05/2015

    Well whatever they are doing they are giving confidence to young generation to invest their assets n talent in Pakistan . after dat much drama Im sure media shattered the dreams of many young ppl. .Mayb v hav just lost bill Gates or lakhmi …so if the govt genuinely wants to track down the culprits so first they should start with police and other officials who directly cutting our country. roots.

  • Burfat on 20/05/2015

    I think it seems biggest economic terrorrisim and educational terrorism also. And many major and big players are hide behind all dis scandle..those who were playing their role to earn mony through dis company..

  • WallOfShame on 20/05/2015

    People like Shoaib Sheikh should be publicly hanged. All employees of Axact should receive 99 years if life imprisonment without parole or commutation of sentence.

    The BOL network license should be cancelled forthwith. Everyone associated with it should not be allowed to join any media company or a government job or receive a government contract ever. They should also be put onto exit control list.

    • ahmed abbas on 21/05/2015

      In which country do you reside, If I may ask? none of those sentences are ever awarded here. The chances are all these gentlemen will go scot free like all the scammers before them

  • Mallo raam on 20/05/2015

    yar real story ye hair k BOL k real owners daood ibrheem malik raiz or altar Hussain hain or BOL aty he tahelka machany wala hair. or nawaz shareef ki chautti home wali ahi or new govt MqM ki hogi

  • farah on 19/05/2015

    its not a rumor…axact make pron sites too and fake degree scandle is damn true….i was in ksa i applied online for long distance learning…i got calls from uk…later on one of my friend called me personally on my phone…he said hey i was calling u from axact m working here..i recognised u dats y i m calling u personally pls dun apply or pay this is all fraud thing…call centers are outsourced in pakistani…online distance learning requires only registration n online notes n exams….ppl in middle east are very much interested in online degrees…

  • Noor shehla on 19/05/2015

    How could they, shame on them the professors whom they showed who were linked to their educational websites, were all fake they do not exist. These professors where actors and even had accounts on LinkedIn and face book.

    When the different universities– were their so called advising professors were teaching, were approached they denied that so called professors were ever linked to their faculty. The test exam papers where prepared by one hundred Pakistani employees who had no idea what they were doing. Their fraud is breathtaking and unbelievable. How could they do such a think???? How dare they use fake professors for fake degrees.

  • shahid on 19/05/2015

    very soon this propaganda will be disclosed

  • Pakistani on 18/05/2015

    Geo Zindabad
    Hamesha Sach bolta ha Aur honest anchors hain in k pass except bloody Kamran Khan

    • Ajal on 22/05/2015

      GEO sucks and Sucks

  • tahir on 24/04/2015

    I am proud on bol network as now I have become a part of bowl network. I solute the CEO of bol network.

    • mast kabira on 19/05/2015

      salute the fraud ceo bol with both hands.

    • syed abid ali on 20/05/2015

      It is better to solute with ur leg

  • Sher Zaman on 02/01/2015

    Enter text right here!

  • Kashif danish on 14/10/2014

    Such a rumor created by geo (JEW) and its partner RAW against Pakistan and its institution. HT itself has apologized for spreading false news. http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/newdelhi…

  • Feroze Akhter on 08/10/2014

    Pl let me know who are the owners of Bol TV

  • Ahmad on 21/09/2014

    Malak riaz Zindabad

  • ebahriatown on 01/08/2014

    '''''''پاکستان میں تین ہزار ایسے افراد ہیں جنکی ماہانہ آمدنی ایک کروڑ سے زیادہ ہے تین سو افراد ارب پتی ہیں جن میں سے ایک ملک ریاض بھی ہیں مگر اس ملک اور عوام پر جب بھی کوئ مشکل گھڑی آتی ہے ملک ریاض دل کھول کر اپنے ملک اور قوم کی مدد میں سب سے آگے ہوتے ہیں۔ جبکہ باقی تمام صاحب ثروت لوگ ایسے موقعوں پر خواب خرگوش کے مزے لے رہے ہوتے ہیں۔ مگر ہم عجیب قوم ہیں جو ہمارے لیے مخلص ہو ہم اسے ہی سب سے زیادہ ستاتے ہیں۔

    • Khadim Hussain on 24/04/2015

      i m agree with you ebahriatown

    • aadnan on 20/05/2015

      well said

    • Abdurrehman Saleem on 26/05/2015

      E bahria I completely agree with u we always criticise those who help us .

  • Liaquat on 01/05/2014

    sab Geo ka propaganda hey.. sab jang geo walo ne Bol me apply kiya.. yahan tak ke Geo ka apna eMD Azhar Abbas tak Geo se Bol me chalagaya. geo to wesey he mashoor hey afwah phailanay me.

    bhai hum sahafi log ko time pe paisay de do.. hum khush rahein gey.. agar Bol ke anay se ye masla hal hojata hey to hum Bol ko khusamdeed kehtey hein.

    • asif on 01/09/2014

      I dont think that is true… i saw the video of BOL's owner giving the speech about BOL ownership . you should also check it out http://vimeo.com/104096637

    • A Patriot Pakistani on 15/11/2014

      geo should b ban in Pakistan ,PAKISTAN ARMY & ISI ZINDABAD…

    • syed abid ali on 20/05/2015

      bhai liaqat sorry app may liaqat bilkul nahi hay. app Geo aur Bol k chakar may passay ho. bhai un hazaron pakistani ka sòchoo jin k pass axact say hasil ki hoi degree han aur un par bahar jakar apni families ko pall rahay han.

    • PAKISTANI on 21/05/2015

      COMEUP BOL (Y)

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