Before Enrolling in a University Need To Verify Degree Accreditation Status

Written by Alison Johnson
(Last Updated On: 10/08/2015)

Signing up for a school is one of the biggest choices of most people’s lives. The money used, time frame included and selection associated with diploma decides the path of a young person’s life.
Unfortunately, there are many of universities benefiting from the endless flow of students and they are beginning their particular programs with out getting the correct certification using their particular specialist councils. Only a few program, each batch and each university obtain certified so that means students need to face the very frightening probability of these attempts not acknowledged at all by specialist bodies. Clearly the organizations themselves don’t have embarrassment and are simply thinking about earning money.

That’s the reason why HEC has released a public notice taking this disorder to light. The council has pressured mother and father and also potential students to complete their required research and make sure the diploma program they are signing up for has been certified and confirmed by their particular councils.

Here’s a list of Nine professional councils as well as Four HEC established accreditation councils. You can contact them to ensure that you will not be wasting your money and time on a degree with a dodgy status.

List of Professional Councils in Pakistan:

1. Pakistan Engineering Council
2. Pakistan Medical and Dental Council
3. Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council
4. Pakistan Nursing Council
5. Pakistan Council for Architects and Town Planners
6. Pharmacy Council of Pakistan
7. Pakistan Bar Council
8. National Council for Homeopathy
9. National Council for Tibb

List of Accreditation Councils Establish by HEC in Pakistan:

1. National Agriculture Education Accreditation Council
2. National Business Education Accreditation Council
3. National Computing Education Accreditation Council
4. National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education


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