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Cell Phones to go off in Islamabad on Defence Day 6th September

(Last Updated On: 04/09/2015)

Defence Day is also known as ‘Yaum-i-Difa’, is celebrated on 6th September. It is mainly celebrated to pay tribute and acknowledge the bravery, patriotism and utmost brilliance of Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air force and civilians.


Pakistan was new on the world-map, as it was formed on 14th August 1947 getting Independence from British and Hindu Raj. India taking Pakistan easy, attacked Pakistan, even bragging to capture ‘Lahore’ in just a one day but Pakistani men realizing them it’s not a piece of cake to do so, responded so vigorously and the defence they did against powerful Indian was daring and meets no comparison.


The audacious presentation of defensive skills was even shown by the civilians proving their ‘patriotism and aim to uphold Pakistan’.

Defence Day is celebrated as National day (having holiday) and according to the latest update cellular signals will turn off in the capital Islamabad and it’s adjoining areas following the special celebrations on the day.

The Interior Ministry of Pakistan has decided to shut cellular services in Islamabad on Defence Day September 6.

According to the sources, cellular signals of all five of the telecom companies will be blocked from 11:00 am to 02:00 pm. Cellular Services will be turned down as different ceremonies to be held in to pay homage to the martyrs and other hero’s of the nation who courageously contributed to save the sovereignty of the nation.

Most importantly fly past march from Pakistan Air force is paid to the ‘icon’s of 1965 war’ and the change of guard ceremony at Mazar-e-Quaid (Mausoleum of Mohammed Ali Jinnah), Karachi. As many of the ceremonies will be completed till 02:00 pm on the day, cellular services will be restored.

The step of blockage of cellular services at occasions is not new, as it is also done earlier in order to insure the security measurements.


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