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Daraz.pk presents another discount offer “12:12” on 12-13 Dec

(Last Updated On: 12/12/2015)

After introducing Black Friday in Pakistan, Daraz.pk has introduced yet another discount offer in Pakistan, the latest initiative of Daraz.pk is named 12:12, which will be lasting from 12-13 December.

Daraz.pk is the largest eCommerce retailer and  they once again proved it with their success on the Black Friday sales in Pakistan. Here it should be known that idea of introducing Black Friday Sales in Pakistan was put in by Black Friday, others following the footsteps followed this up. And several others presented this idea with adding up their creativity and inventiveness.

But, undoubtedly Daraz.pk’s Black Friday was a bigger hit than compare to the counterparts out in the country.

They give various discount offers regularly, and the latest one is quite similar, as it intends to facilitate the customer.

Daraz.pk unveiled about their latest initiative 12:12 on famous social media portals, here is how they presented it:


With adding my personal opinion, from this statement it seems that Daraz.pk will also be spreading smiles on New Year.

So lets wait!

Till than, you can grab the ongoing exciting discount [email protected]daraz.pk 12:12

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