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Evolved from Just Eat Islamabad to JustFood Pakistan to explore new horizons

(Last Updated On: 18/12/2015)

Finally, the startups in Pakistan are getting worth for their brilliance covered with proficiency and that is why our Emarket is expanding rapidly. And with it, thousands of employment opportunities are also provided.

Apart from all the good signs Pakistan is getting, some startups with some great ideas after kicking off their services have decided to expand their services country wide. And here we’ll be telling about Just Eat Islamabad which has rebranded their selves to expand their services countrywide. And with working on this intaitive, they are soon going to arrive in Lahore and are eyeing other cities as their next destination.

A little about journey of Just Eat Islamabad to JustFood Pakistan:

The online food ordering service established in 2012 with brand-name of Justeat Islamabad set operational their services for Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The company also bragg as they call themselves the piooner in the food ordering/food delivering services in Pakistan. In this year 2015, the company was acquired by the UAE based investment firm, which geared to accelerate their services country wide. And to meet the goals they set for themselves, the name of the company was changed to JustFood Pakistan.

Furthermore, the company has revamped their website to make it easier for the customers and our also using latest equipment and techniques to cope with the hurdles faced in  the field.

JustFood Pakistan also recognizes the tough time for the counterparts but at the same time, they with their rock-hard aims are in the arena to knock others down. Here is what CEO of JustFood Malik Waqas have to say about the whole scenario.

For the expected battle with other companies, new enhancements in the website and other parts have been made for the assistance of our customers. We’ll be investing in improving our service, modernizing our equipment and expanding into other major cities of Pakistan. – Malik Waqas, CEO of JustFood


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