Exercise Cambrian Patrol 2015: Pakistan Army secures Gold Medal at the highly prestigious drill in UK

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(Last Updated On: 26/10/2015)

The gallantry and the worldwide acclaimed Pakistan army has secured gold medal at the highly prestigious Cambrain Patrol. Last year, Pakistan Army managed for the Silver Medal but this time making come back with more vigor, adjusted for the Gold Medal.

The aim of the event is to enhance the skills of troops under different conditions and making them more powerful to cope with the challenges in warfare or in troubles. The point should be kept clear that the Exercise Cambrian Patrol is not a contest or a competition; it is about dares, techniques and proficiency of the professional soldiery.

This year in 2015 over 100 teams participated, including teams from the British Army, Royal Air Force and some reputable Foreign Army teams also participated in the drill.

In 2015, Pak-Army and New Zealand Army were bestowed with Gold Medals. On the other hand, neighboring Indian Army settled for Silver Medal.

What is  Exercise Cambrian Patrol?

Exercise Cambrian Patrol is a continuous 36-hour, long range patrol exercise which is run annually within the Cambrian Mountains of Mid-Wales. The exercise, open to regular, reserve and international teams is considered one of most arduous and prestigious military events, testing candidates’ leadership, field craft, discipline and both mental and physical robustness.

History of Cambrian Patrol?

Exercise Cambrian Patrol began in 1959, when a group of Welsh Territorial Army soldiers designed a weekend training event featuring long-distance marching over the Cambrian Mountains and culminating in a shooting match on the Sennybridge training area.


Cambrian Mountains of Mid-Wales

Exercise Cambrian Patrol 2015

Friday October 16 – Sunday October 25

Highlights of the Exercises

  • Patrol Techniques
  • Artillery Target Indication
  • Recognition of Aircraft, Vehicles and Equipment
  • Firing of Personal Weapons
  • Obstacle Crossing
  • First Aid and Casualty Evacuation Procedures
  • Helicopter Drills
  • Media Handling
  • Communications Skills
  • Handling Prisoners of War
  • Tactical River
  • Stream Crossing
  • Ambush, Anti, Ambush Drills
  • Recce Techniques
  • Tunnel Crossing
  • Navigation Skills
  • Rock Climbing and Repelling

Glimpse of prestigious Exercise Cambrian 2015 Gold Medal


Pakistan’s Army team Exercise Cambrian Patrol 2015



Here are the videos which will tell you more about the Cambrian Patrol, which is the toughest test of the strong troops worldwide.




The video from Cambrian 2015 first phase, to let you know little more about the toughest Exercises in World.

Pictures from Cambrian Patrol 2015






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