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Facebook introduces Profile Video as Profile Picture

(Last Updated On: 08/10/2015)

Number of Facebook users are growing enormously, according to the some revelations this ‘life-changing app’ has more than one billion users globally.

Facebook aka FB founded in 2004 has now become the biggest social media platform. FB organizer staying updated with the rising trend of videos formation and it’s sharing, came up with new initiative, where you can update a small-7 second video as your profile picture, it might not be wrong it to call it as placing profile video as profile picture.

Though, this innovation is at its experimental stages in UK and California and will be very soon heading it’s way to worldwide users of FB.


The new feature can also be a ‘strong response’ from FB over popularity of video sharing apps like Dubsmash and Velfies in India. According to the sources, India is the largest userbase of Facebook after US, having over 125 million users.

The new feature of ‘profile video’ is being tested on small numbers of iPhone users and some techies also claim that FB will be launching more features regarding videos uploading and sharing.

What Facebook thinks about their new feature?

“The world has changed since we first introduced profiles in 2004. On News Feed and profiles, we’re seeing people create and view more videos than ever before. Today we’re starting to test the next step in an obvious evolution of profiles: profile videos,” Facebook Product Managers Aigerim Shorman and Tony Hsieh wrote in a blog post.

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