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Fahad Mustafa Most Searched And Popular Celebrity Of 2014

(Last Updated On: 23/05/2015)

Fahad Mustafa is one of the finest celebrities of the TV industry of Pakistan. There is a huge fan falling for Fahad Mustafa not only in Pakistan, but also outside Pakistan. Fahad Mustafa has got so many other hidden talents as well that includes anchoring, hosting, production, modeling and so much more. He is an actual all rounder who has earned a reputation in this industry. The best and the most popular drama serials of Fahad Mustafa are Haal – e – Dil, Sheeshay Ka Mahal, Bahu Rani, Pul Siraat, Dasht–E–Janoon, Mastana Mahi and so many more.

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All of these drama serials were the initial steps for Fahad Mustafa for coming in the industry and earning a name there. His hard work and natural acting talent has helped him so much for becoming popular. Recently, last year, he also started a reality game show on ARY television known as ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ that has helped him even more for attracting more fans and gaining fame. This amazing game show actually made Fahad Mustafa most searched and popular celebrity of 2014. This is the reason why Fahad Mustafa has got so much competition in this TV industry as well.

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Fahad Mustafa also hosted a dance show ‘Nachle’ that was another one of his successes of the year 2014. And the most recent achievement of Fahad Mustafa are his work as a producer for his films Na Maloom Afraad and Mah–e–Meer that are liked by so many people all across the world. These films of Fahad Mustafa were actually such an achievements that helped him growing his name more popular not only in the television industry of Pakistan, but also in the film industry and the best thing about it is that the people living in different places of the world have been appreciating his work as well.

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