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Kamran Khan Left BOL Channel Amid Axact Scandal

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 24/05/2015)

President and Editor in Chief of BOL TV channel Kamran Khan has announced on Twitter that he has resigned from BOL amid the investigations against Axact.

In his tweet he said that although the allegations are not proven yet in court against Axact but his conscience does not allow him to continue working with BOL and this is the reason he has left BOL immediately.

Almost five hours ago, before posting his tweet of resignation, he had posted that he and other journalists attached to BOL network are looking at the situation very carefully and they will decide according to situation.

Kamran Khan Tweet 2 Kamran Khan Tweet 1

President of the News Channel and Chief Executive Officer of BOL Azhar Abbas also announced his resignation from BOL. He said that after talking to editors and staff of the channel he is announcing resignation. He said that I collected best team of journalists in order to bring truth to the world, not to hide it and we are not involved in any such thing. We are ready to pay any price even if it is personal.

Azhar Abbas Tweet

A few hours before these announcements from Kamran Khan and Azhar Abbas, Choudhary Nisar was talking to media in Islamabad and he said that Government of Pakistan will contact FBI and Interpol to get legal assistance on Axact issue.

Not only Kamran Khan but Senior Anchorperson and Executive Vice President Asma Shirazi and Senior Executive Vice President Iftikhar Ahmad has also resigned from BOL channel. In addition investigative journalist Wajahat Saeed Khan has also announced his resignation.

Asma Shirazi BOL Resignation Tweet Iftikhar Ahmad BOL Resignation Tweet Wajahat Saeed BOL Resignation Tweet


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