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Ghazal Maestro Ghulam Ali arrived as guest in Vasy Chaudhry’s hosted Mazaaq Raat

(Last Updated On: 29/10/2015)

Mazaaq Raat is the political-comedy show which is on-aired from Dunya News channel platform, since September 2013. The show was being hosted by eminent Pakistani actor Noman Ijaz till last week but after that he left the show due to the rising differences with one of the leading Pakistani TV channel, Dunya News.

The show is being on-aired thrice a week from Tuesday to Thursday at night, in this week’s show, the renowned Pakistani writer and actor, Vasay Chaudhry joined the humorous show as the host.


In the very first show of Vasay Chaudhry in Mazaaq Raat, Googly Master Abdul Qadir and  drama actress Fiza Ali arrived as the guest of the show. Not to forget that, Mazzaq Raat has always been calling top celebrities, politicians, actors, singers and  successful personalities from different walk of lives as guests.

The second show of Mazaaq Raat, after Vasy Chudhruy took charge was one of the  most splendid episodes of the satirical-celebrity show. The episode was a massive treat for the fans of the show, as the legend Ghulam Ali along with his son arrived as guest in the show. The Ghazal Masetro shared some incidents and experiences of life and also performed live in the show.


Standing ovation was given to the King of Ghazal upon his arrival on the show. Ghulam Ali also regarded his inspiration, Bade Ghulam Ali Sahab on the show. The show was an entertainment blast for its viewers and will be playing pivotal role in paving path for Vasy Chaudhry as the host of the show.

Complete video of the show


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