Syeda Mubarik Begum Scholarship Scheme

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(Last Updated On: 26/11/2015)

Syeda Mubarik Begum Scholarship Scheme is the scholarship program launched by Babar Ali Foundation. The scholarship under the name of Syeda Mubarik Begum Scholarship are being provided by the Babar Ai Foundation. However, Babar Ali Foundation is providing scholarships since 1985 but since 1995, it is being issued by the name of Syeda Mubarik Begum Scholarship Scheme (late mother of Syed Babar Ali).

Syeda Mubarik Begum Scholarship Scheme is for only female students to enables them to pursue their study in graduate and post graduate fields. The aim of scholarship program is to help the needy students, supporting education, research and training in literary, agriculture, scientific and technical fields. According to Babar Ali Foundation, “The foundation is also expecting to start and administer appropriate programmes, prizes and scholarships for education in general for advanced scientific and management studies in particular.”

Syeda Mubarik Begum (1888 - 1969)

Syeda Mubarik Begum (1888 – 1969)

According to the Babar Ali Foundation, “The objective of Babar Ali Foundation are to found, aid, assists, set-up, manage, maintain and run schools, colleges, institutions of learning and practical training, libraries, museums, galleries, handicraft centers, parks, and places of medical aid and relief. The Foundation also promotes nature conservation, culture, sports, and awards scholarships to outstanding girl students for higher education in Pakistan.”

Eligibility for Syeda Mubarik Begum Scholarship Scheme:

  • Student must be female
  • Studying in graduate or post graduate program
  • Fields of educations are:

Research & Training



Scientific Program

Technical Fields

  • Must be a regular student, not self-supporting
  • Candidate must not be receiving scholarship, stipend zakat, qarze hasna or financial support from any source.

Syeda Mubarik Begum Scholarship Form Download

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