Google Maps Application for Java Mobiles

Google Maps is the mapping service being offered by the Google. In the start, Google Maps was launched as static images of a respective area only. But now with the passage of time, Google has introduced various other services in the Google Maps including Live Traffic. Live Traffic, Route Planning, Public Transportation information systems are not part of the recent version of Google Maps. Google Maps is a web based service, but now it is also available in the desktop version and also for the smartphones operating systems.

Google Maps is now available in the desktop version and for smartphone operating systems as well. However, the users of Java mobile are still looking for the Java version of the Google Maps to enjoy the mapping services of Google Maps from their Java mobiles.

Download Google Maps Application for Java Mobiles from here

Now you can also enjoy all services of Google Maps right from your Java based mobiles subject to availability of the Google Maps services in your region. If all services of Google Maps are available in your country then you can enjoy the all mapping services of Google Maps including Google Moon/Stars/Sky, Ride Finder, Traffic, Transit, Biking Directions, My Maps, Street View, Underwater Street View, Aerial View, Google Latitude, Google Flu Vaccine Finder, Indoor Google Maps, My Places, Monopoly City Streets, Google Maps Business View and Google’s Your Timeline.

Now in the modern word that is surrounded by the technological developments, it is hard to carry on the hard format map all the time. So, here is the Google Maps that will let you keep a comprehensive digital map in your pocket all the time. Google Maps has covered all sectors in urban and rural areas and offering road maps and satellite views in a user-friendly environment.

Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi

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