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Haier to Setup Laptop Assembly Line in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 23/08/2015)

Haier Pakistan has recently announced that they are going set up a laptop assembly line in Lahore, Pakistan. It will be the first laptop assembly line in Pakistan. Haier Pakistan, in grouping with the Chinese Home Appliance monster and its parent group Haier Group, has effectively completed its laptop assembly plant’s test run and it will soon start manufacturing laptops at full capacity.

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Earlier, Haier has been a part of the free laptop scheme by the government of Pakistan and has given more than 200,000 laptops up to now. Government of Pakistan has increased the interest of Haier’s laptop demand significantly in the country which has motivated Haier to set up a local assembly line Pakistan.


The initial test run was based on 1,000 laptops, all of which were assembled locally at the Lahore plant. The test run was successfully completed recently and based on its successful quality control and capacity checks along with Haier’s past history in Pakistan, has already set a manufacturing target for the year 2016. Haier Pakistan will start by manufacturing 150,000 units until the end of 2016.

Laptop market is going up in Pakistan and with the help of Pakistan government, Haier has been able to take a major share in the market, a first for Haier anywhere in the world. The local production unit should help to decrease the costs of the otherwise relatively expensive Haier laptops and meet the local demand of Haier laptops.

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Shah Faisal, Haier Pakistan CEO, has showed admiration towards Haier Groups assistance by saying, “This capability to locally produce Haier branded laptops, the first major endeavour of its kind in the history of Pakistan, has been realized with full collaboration of Haier China”. He added further, “This is a prime example of what can be achieved given China’s willingness to assist Pakistan on the road to technological advancement”.

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