Ho Mann Jahaan Premier: Celebrities, Critics Plunge into Tweeting, Praising Movie

Merely a day before the release of highly-anticipated trio’s story entitled Ho Mann Jahaan by Asim Raza, a positive feedback from the critics has increased the excitement for the fans to watch Mahira Khan’s music trilogy.

As the premier of the much-hyped movie featuring one of the most prolific and iconic contemporary actress has been held in major cities of the country, reviews from top celebrities and critics have begun pouring in on social media. Soon after having a complete look of the what Asim Raza had been cooking for the film audience of Pakistan, many top and experienced filmmakers and artists have appreciated the work at their best.

Ho Mann Jahaan (HMJ) which is the debut film by Asim Raza as a filmmaker, has been one of the much talked about movie during the last half of 2015. The team HMJ has left no stone unturned to promote the movie. Almost entire the month of December had seen the promotion of HMJ at its highest.

The team had been releasing the video songs continually during the last month in order to get full promotion and to convince the audience to watch it in cinema. The team under Asim Raza had also launched a Dubsmash contest to promote the movie along with they even held a concert in the mid of December.

The romantic-comedy will be the first movie to be hitting the cinema on the in 2016. And the critics are also saying that it would the finest start of the new year form the film industry with this movie.

Following are some of the tweets which show how critics and celebrities express their views regarding HMJ:


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