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Honda Civic 2016 coming in Pakistan – leaked specs, pictures and price

(Last Updated On: 05/10/2015)

The new model of Honda – City and Civic – are going to be launched in Pakistan in February 2016 and September 2016 respectively. The new model are just like a monster that are upgraded to meet the future standards and the need of time. Most of the people are searching for the Honda Civic. So be happy that new Honda Civic is coming with a better aerodynamic body to the upgraded Electronic Braking System (EBS).3

The awaited Honda Civic will be a game changer for the Honda in its episode Sedan for many reasons. First, upcoming Civic 2016 is designed in America and the same design will be for all the markets of Atlas Honda. Second it is coming with feature of lower displacement, enhanced powerful efficient turbo engine that will generate a torque of 203 Nm and 150 hp that will result in a fuel consumption of 20 kilometers/liter. It will be a 10th generation of Civic family.1

According to Atlas Honda, the new Civic will be launched at the same price currently being charged by the Honda for ongoing model to capture the customers around the world.2

The Civic is as intuitive as it is seductive. With cutting-edge form and function, it will temp the riders in various ways. From its sleek aerodynamic body to its intelligent Multi Information Display (i-MID) and everything in between, you will hard pressed to resist it.4


Honda Civic 2016 Price in Pakistan: Price_list

Disclaimer: These are based on some estimation and some news from the officials of the Atlas Honda Paksitan.

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