How to Overcome Water Crisis in Pakistan

Ever since Pakistan has come into being we have been facing a number of problems in the shape of electricity load-shedding, terrorism, unemployment, water shortage and much more. However, among a lot of other problems, water crises has become the burning question in the Pakistan for past few years. The sources of drinkable water in Pakistan are decreasing gradually. Among a lot of reasons, the continuous increase in population is also resulting in the challenging water crisis. According to experts, in upcoming years, water will be the most serious issue in Pakistan as compared to terrorism.

Improvements are being made for the safe water, but these are very low as compare to the issue. Even it is hard to find the clean and drinkable water in the metropolitans. And the overall sector of drinking water supply and sanitation in Pakistan is still facing the major challenges. The water supply system in the metropolitans of the country is decreasing gradually. The supply of water in the big cities of the country is according to the total hour in a day are Karachi 4 hours per day, Lahore 17/day, Faisalabad 8/day, Multan 8/hour and Peshawar 9/day. The situation of underdeveloped cities is, even more, worsts. They are even unable to get pure water by the government for one hour daily and sometimes three to four days spent without having water in the houses.

The government is required to take the following steps on the urgent basis to overcome water crisis in the country.

  • More dams and reservoirs are required to avoid the water crisis. Most of the water ever years goes wasted in the rivers for not having dams.
  • There must be a proper water development and management system to monitor the per day supply of water across the country.
  • Development and construction should be made on already constructed dams and reservoirs.
  • The irrigation system should be developed. In most of the villages in Pakistan where irrigation system depends upon the tube well, those farmers should be advised to use the water with care.
  • The irrigation system should be transformed to demand oriented system from rotation based irrigation system.
  • As a nation, we are expert in wasting the resources. Water meter should be installed and there must be proper per month billing system. This will force the people to use the water with due care.
Abdul Hadi
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