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HUM Tv Official Site Hacked Due to Vulgar Drama’s

(Last Updated On: 07/09/2015)

A team of hackers, called Pakistani Cyber Attackers, have defaced HUM TV’s official web site in protest towards what they call “Vulgar Dramas” that’re being broadcast by HUM

Hackers, in the greeting message on defaced home-page of HUM TV, stated that vulgarity in HUM TV’s dramas is raising as time passes and actually nudity scenes have made to well known Pakistani dramas. They said that each and every drama, these days, has some type of vulgarity as well as nudity, which is completely unacceptable for a Muslim country such as Pakistan.

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Hacked on defense day, Hackers began their own greeting message with Defense Day wishes and also stated that PEMRA is not playing it’s due part in controlling Television shows. They said that Pakistani TV channels are spreading anti-Pakistan emotions that also contain vulgarity. They stated that morning shows have become wrong, vulgar and semi-nude.

Hackers stated that such kind of vulgarity in dramas and also other Television shows is accountable to current suicide of 2 young teenagers who murdered each other in school premises as both parents weren’t permitting their marriage. Online hackers warned that such mishaps will only increase if this vulgarity and immorality is not stopped.

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Online hackers even included 3 drama clips of HUM TV, which – based on them – are vulgar sufficient to be played on well known Television channel.
Here’s videos that are shown on defaced Home-page of HUM TV – to prove a point and not to promote them – that’re classified as vulgar by online hackers.

We’re reproducing them for our people to view and judge if they vulgar or not and if hackers’ protest make a point or not.

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