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ICC World Twenty20 2016: Official logo unveiled

(Last Updated On: 08/12/2015)

Changing the gear of the game from  slow to ultra fast, yeah this is the right time as ICC World Twenty20 is soon to thrill the cric-enthusiasts. The event starting from March 2016 in India, has spread sensation allover.


The event is rising speculation with every passing day, and people want to get updated with every of the latest information about the blistering tournament, which is scheduled to played in the coming year.

Twenty20 is widely spreading cricket format, which is the shortest cricket format yet introduced at international level, it is all about hitting some biggies and defending the opponent to do so. If ODI’s can be called as fast cricketing format then no doubt Twenty20 can be termed as ultra-fast. This is the game, which can completely slip from one’s hand within just a single over.

ICC unveiled the logo of the event via their official Twitter handle:


The event will feature 16 teams (including full members+Associate Members) and will be staged at  8 opted stadiums of India.

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